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Research and Innovations


At EGISS HERBALS , we believe in Herbalism – a long tradition of use outside conventional medicine. Globally with developments in research and quality control and an ongoing advancement in clinical research and trials, the value of herbal medicine in treating and preventing diseases is becoming more mainstream. With innovative technologies playing a role in next-generation plant-based natural product drug discovery, our company is always looking for ground-breaking strategies which can be used to develop many unique products as well as being involved in beating the current global health challenges of recorded history. We are constantly involved in high level research and advanced machines for our testing that provides a different angle in natural products pharma-sciences. Our team of chemists and professionals closely study the benefits of herbs and examine the compositions to produce effective, completely natural and safe products.

With a perfect combination of centuries old traditional herbs and innovative formulations, we are constantly striving towards developing a high level of confidence in our customers. We thoroughly believe innovations are the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulated needs or existing market needs with a vision to succeed in holding its fortune in the global markets.

R&D Center

We are constantly involved in R&D where we critically examine all our products in detail with three key parameters of: social value, scientific validity and favorable risk–benefit ratio. As a business, we are always focusing on the importance of collaborative partnership which also includes a responsibility to invest in the scientific training and capacity-building for ongoing research our company believes that the benefits to the community or population should also be studied and optimized.

Formulation of our Herbal Products

Our herbal formulations are complemented with knowledge on the method of isolation, purification, characterization of active ingredients and type of preparation. Our formulations do not produce instant cures, they rather help regulate bodily functions, cleanse and nourish human body that involves the use of natural means such as diet, herbs, spices, minerals, exercise, meditation, yoga, mental hygiene, sounds, smells and mechano-procedures to eliminate the root cause of the disease by restoring balance, at the same time create a healthy life-style to prevent the reoccurrence of imbalance.

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