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Cafemaxx-5 Powder

Authentic Herbal Formulation:   Helps to provide energy, strength, stamina
-Hormonal imbalances, low sex drive
-Helps control stress & boosts confidence
–Multi- faceted action
-Revitalizes and Supports male & female sexual performance
–100 % herbal, safe for long term use.
For vitality & vigo


Lack of vigor, vitality, stamina and strength is a common health problem affecting men & women of all ages. The segment has become more important in the recent past, because of the changing lifestyle taking a toll on the status of sexual health, caused due to low hormone secretions, certain drugs, and concerns like smoking, alcoholism, stress, anxiety and relationship issues.

Although conventional medicine has discovered few chemicals in this segment, but these agents are associated with many unwanted and serious adverse effects.

Cafemaxx-5 contains the synergistic blend of Mondia whitei, Withania somnifera & Chlorophtyum borivilianum along with other essential herbs that helps to provide vitality, vigor, strength and stamina. It is a high absorption formula promising better bioavailability and higher safety.


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Dosage: 1 sachet per serving or as directed by the physician.

Directions: Pour sachet contents of Cafemaxx-5 into a cup (150ml). Add hot milk/ water, stir well. Drink and enjoy.

Caution: Do not exceed more than 2 sachets in less than 24 hours.

Keep out of reach of children.

The roots of Mondia whitei plant are widely chewed by many people in Uganda. The roots are largely valued as sexual stimulant, appetizer, flavors, and a stimulant for milk production in lactating mothers. The study shows that the roots of Mondia are valued and used as an aphrodisiac for males and for improving female sexuality in most areas of Uganda particularly in urban centres and the Kampala City.

Withania somnifera is known to be used for fertility problems in men and women and to increase sexual desire. The herb has been known for centuries as an “adaptogen” to help the body cope with daily stress, hypertension and anxiety.

Chlorophtyum borivilianum is a nature’s gift to enhance your strength, stamina and satisfaction. Its aphrodisiac properties have proved very much useful for improving potency and alleviating sexual dysfunction. It is known to cure many physical illnesses and weaknesses thereby increasing prolong performance.

Is the product safe and free from harmful chemicals?

Yes, the product is formulated using all natural ingredients like Mondia whitei, Withania somnifera,Chlorophtyum borivilianum and Piper nigrum and are tested for heavy metals in compliance with international safety standards.

Are there any side effects of Cafemaxx-5 Powder?

Cafemaxx-5 Powder is an herbal product, the ingredients in research has shown to have no major side effects.

PLEASE READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY.  In order to avoid hypersenivity to individual’s allergic to the ingredients.

Pregnant, Lactating women and Individuals in conditions which require special medical care should consult their health care professional or physician before use.

Does the product complies with standard quality measures?

Yes, the product is manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved facility conforming to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacturer and sale of herbal products. All our raw materials are sourced from GMP and ISO accredited approved facilities.

The product has been approved by the National Drug Authority (NDA), Uganda.

I am on allopathic medicines. Can I take Cafemaxx-5 Powder?

Yes. Cafemaxx-5 Powder is an herbal product which has no major interactions with allopathic medicines. However, we advise you to aware your health care professional of all the herbal medicines/supplements you are taking.

Do I need to follow any special diet while using this product?

Exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and get proper sleep. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

How to use Cafemaxx-5 Powder after first opening?

We recommended to consume the sachet contents immediately after opening.

How long I need to use this product?

The recommended duration is three months. But it can be extended until complete resolution of symptoms.

How long it will take go show results?

There can be interpersonal variations for results to show. However visible results may be seen within one month of usage

What makes Cafemaxx-5 Powder different from allopathic products?

The very fact that this product is a 100% pure herbal formulation that enhances the overall stamina of the user and not just the efficiency. Thus, the product needs to be taken for minimum one month and not symptomatically, for best results.

I am having performance related issues; can this product be helpful for me?

Cafemaxx-5 Powder contains Mondia whitei, Withania somnifera, Piper longum and more vital extracts, herbs well researched for stimulating sexual health, vitality and vigour.

How to store it?

Keep in a cool dry place, protect from sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

What is the research on the product?

All the ingredients used in the products are well researched and documented by various bodies. We do not use any unresearched ingredients in our products.

You can write your queries to us at [email protected]

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