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From India to Uganda

The idea for EGISS HERBALS was born out of Maurice’s personal experience with the use of many low quality herbal products on the Ugandan market. Years of trying out many herbal products being sold the Ugandan market, many of which turned out to be counterfeit, offering either just a temporary remedy or not even working at all, left him scarred emotionally and physically. Lately, he convinced himself to move forward when he came across a research paper stating “In Uganda, it is estimated that over 60 % of the population seek medical attention from traditional healers, a pattern which cuts across all social classes and education levels, where traditional herbal medicine is widely used for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of social, mental and physical illnesses” (Nyeko, Tumwesigye and Halage, 2016).

Having been raised by his poor mother in Eastern rural Uganda, Maurice recalls how his mother, for lack of money to seek proper medical care at established health facilities, relied most of the time on locally prepared herbal remedies to treat him and his other siblings whenever they fell sick . Maurice therefore knew right from childhood that nature was a source of remedies for most of the medical ailments of mankind.

However, Maurice’s dream of discovering the mysteries of nature began in 2019. Fascinated by the herbal science, when herbal products are still regarded with skepticism in Uganda, he was determined to bring into people’s lives the promise of nature’s healing power harnessed through scientific research. Braving all odds, he travelled to the land of Ayurveda, the traditional herbal science that originated more than 5000 years ago, where he also met his business partner, Mansi. The duo set out on a mission to invest into the development and offering of  authentic natural remedies and health lifestyle herbal products.

EGISS HERBALS mission is therefore simple: to become the best herbal brand in Uganda and the world. Our vision is to provide a diverse range of proprietary formulations through intensive scientific research integrating Uganda’s herbal tradition with Indian Ayurveda. With products that are rooted in science our ultimate mission is to encourage healthy living and longevity.

Early on when we ventured out, we met numerous herbal experts in India and gained a lot of insights on traditional healing science after which we immediately decided to spend some more time on this and develop a revolutionary brand that serves only extraordinary, premium quality, and highly researched herbal products. Our journey took us to various parts of India and Uganda where we developed a firm belief in the power of nature’s goodness. We are convinced that people would share our belief if the benefits of herbs and plants were researched and analyzed through science and were proven to be safe and effective with the latest in research through evidence.

All this has taken us nearly a year to launch. We’ve put our savings and time into EGISS HERBALS and with your support; we will be able to provide authentic natural remedies and healthy lifestyle to all. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram & Twitter.

Thanks for supporting EGISS HERBALS, our healthy idea of nature’s wellness and happiness with health-minded people like YOU!

We care for you.
Maurice & Mansi (EGISS HERBALS founders) and Team!

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